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14830 NE 24th Street | Redmond, WA 98052

(425) 869-6719


Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm
Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday: 11am - 6pm

Valued Clientele Reviews

"Made an appointment to avoid waiting. Owner answered the phone, super friendly. Very efficient staff. Went on a Saturday and they were busy. Had a mani/pedi and my girlfriend got her Living Social voucher for a shellac mani and delux pedi (they have so many shellac colors! It's great!) She said she enjoyed her relaxation. As did I."

- Denise T., Renton, WA

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"I had a very good experience here. I also used an online Groupon and they were very accommodating and friendly. The salon is clean and organized, and the staff does a great job of making you feel comfortable."

- An T., Seattle, WA

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" I have come here for a shellac french manicure 3 times now and a pedicure one. I think this salon does a decent job, however the woman who did my shellac french the first 2 times was MUCH better then the last woman who seemed unable to properly apply a white tip. Some more details:

- The women are fast but detail oriented and double check with you along the way to make sure that you like the thickness of the white tip and the shape before hardening under the lamp
- Lasts 2 weeks (I have had shellac last longer and shorter but this seems right around the 2 week mark).
- Speak English well enough to receive feedback
- Accommodates appointments w/in an hour of calling
- Accepts realistic amount of appointments (I have seen some nail places that just take everyone and then there is not enough time and your waiting around forever, this place does a much better job of managing their time.)
- Understand shellac, have you ever gotten a white tip and saw it crinkle up after putting under the light? This is because the light is too hot, which is why the girls switch out the lights when setting your white tip.

I think overall this is a professional, detail oriented place, however its definitely more functional then indulgent."

- Jordan B., New York, NY

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"I went here multiple times because of Groupon deals and this is near my house. My last shellac mani/spa pedi was great! My shellac lasted a full 3 weeks before one nail chipped (and this was with moving, packing, opening boxes, etc) and the gal who did it (forgot her name, but she was sweet) gave me extra attention to smooth out my nail with an electric buffer to make sure the shellac would last (and it worked!). I love the spa pedi, they put paraffin wax into a plastic bag, heat it up, then smush your feet in the bag and tie it. Not so glamorous, but then your feet come out toasty and soft. They also throw on a super hot towel onto each leg (ahhh)! Their nail instruments seem clean, but they don't pull it out of an autoclave or anything that I can see. But I've never gotten an infection there (thank goodness!) There were times I had to wait up to 10 minutes, but I never had bad service from them, so not sure why all the bad reviews. The manager has always been professional and nice to me."

- Caroline P., Sunnyvale, CA

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"After reading the other reviews, I was tempted to just let my Groupon expire. In the end, I decided to go for it. What was there to lose? I went in expecting the absolute pits, but was pleasantly surprised. Making an appointment was easy. Weekends seemed to book up early, so I had to take a weekday appointment after work. It would have been nice if they had more weekend and evening hours, but that's a minor gripe. The store location is right off 520, so it's easy to get to. Inside the salon was very clean and spacious. I booked a shellac manicure and deluxe pedicure. The pedicure was amazing! I especially enjoyed the hot stone leg/foot massage and paraffin wax treatment on my feet. It was my first shellac manicure and I really like the results. It's been a week and I don't have any chips (knock on wood!). My only complaint is that I received the manicure and pedicure simultaneously; I assume that is because I was using a coupon and not paying full price. Overall, I was pleased with the service and will definitely be a repeat customer."

- Colleen H., Issaquah, WA

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